Small Cloud
CPU1 core6 cores
Monthly Bandwidth: 2TB
Starting at $10/month

Build a Small Cloud
Medium Cloud
CPU4 cores14 cores
Monthly Bandwidth: 10TB
Starting at $160/month

Build a Medium Cloud
Large Cloud
CPU8 cores100 cores
Monthly Bandwidth: 50TB
Starting at $400/month

Build a Large Cloud

Small Medium Large Scale Resources Quantity
RAM 512MB 16GB 64GB
SATA/SSD Hybrid SAN Storage 10GB 200GB 500GB
CPU Cores (Intel 2.3Ghz+) 1 4 8

Backup Storage [GB] (Off Cloud)


IP Addresses *


Port Speed [Mbps] *

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Included bandwidth transfer:
  • Small Cloud - 2TB per month
  • Medium Cloud - 10TB per month
  • Large Cloud - 50TB per month
  • $0.10/GB Overage

Operating system is chosen after sign-up.  View available templates

Interested in a Windows server?
Please view our FAQ first:

Windows Virtual Machine - FAQ

Pay as you go CDN - North American & Europe -- $0.05/GB

  • No Deposit Content Distribution Network. Only pay 5 cents per GB transferred via the CDN. Increases SEO, increases site performance, and reduces server load.  More Info..
cPanel license with WHM. More info at CENTOS LINUX ONLY
Monitoring of two TCP ports. If either port stops responding our staff is alerted and we immediately start working to bring your service back up.

Free Monitoring - HTTP - 5 Minute Intervals

Free HTTP monitoring up to 20 hosts at 5 minute intervals. Our staff will not be notified or react to host down alerts.

Free Monitoring - PING - 5 Minute Intervals

Free PING monitoring up to 20 hosts at 5 minute intervals. Our staff will not be notified or react to host down alerts.
Adding Priority Support to your Cloud removes the billable support fees for any issue that falls outside of our 15-Minute Complimentary Support window. Clouds with the Priority Support option also receive a 1 Hour First-Response Guarantee to all Support Tickets.

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Description Price
Cloud Virtual Datacenter Small Cloud $10.00 USD Monthly
RAM [MB]: 512 Free
SATA/SSD Hybrid SAN Storage [GB]: 10 Free
CPU Cores [N]: Free
Backup Storage [GB] (Off Cloud): Free
IP Addresses: Free
Port Speed [Mbps] 100 Free
Total Due Today:

$10.00 USD

Recurring Charges:

$10.00 USD Monthly

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