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What you need to know before ordering a SSL Certificate

We offer two different types of SSL certificates; Standard and Wildcard.

Standard SSL Certificates will only secure one domain or subdomain.

If you configure the CSR Common Name for manage.togglebox.com for example, only manage.togglebox.com can use the SSL certificate, all other subdomains and even the regular www.togglebox.com will give SSL Certificate Errors/Warnings when users browse those URLS.

The only exception to this is that www.domain.com will work for both www.domain.com and domain.com. This does NOT work in reverse, though.

Setting the CSR Common Name (CN) to domain.com will NOT secure www.domain.com.

Wildcard SSL Certificates will secure ALL subdomains of a domain and the domain itself.

With a Wildcard Certificate on togglebox.com, for example, all of the following will be secured under the one certificate; togglebox.com, www.togglebox.com, manage.togglebox.com, secure.togglebox.com, etc.

Other Important Information

It is also important to note that each domain or subdomain that you are securing with an SSL certificate will require its own dedicated IP address.

Additionally, once you submit your CSR and Server details in the SSL Certificate configuration page, and the certificate is processed by our staff for approval, you will receive a verification/approval email at one of a select pre-defined email addresses.

The following email addresses are the ONLY ones that this email can be sent to, and you will need to ensure that at least one of these are valid to be able to verify the certificate and begin its installation;

  • admin@domain.com
  • administrator@domain.com
  • webmaster@domain.com
  • postmaster@domain.com
  • hostmaster@domain.com
  • Your domain's registered contact email address - (verified at http://www.whois.com/whois/YOUR_DOMAIN.TLD )

Need help creating a CSR for your new SSL Certificate? Check out our CSR Guide

As always if you have any questions about SSL Certificates or any of our hosting products please feel free to contact our Sales team at sales@togglebox.com or join a LiveChat from our webpage.