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How to connect to Windows via RDP

Connecting to a Windows VPS via RDP is very easy to do.


Getting Ready

You will need to know your server's IP address, and the password you selected when creating your Virtual Machine (Administrator/Root password)

To find how to launch the RDP client for your version of Windows please view the Microsoft Article on accessing RDP


Entering your Login Details

Once you have your Remote Desktop client opened on your local computer you are ready to connect.

In the "Computer" box you will need to enter your Server's IP address.

Once you have that entered click the "Connect" button.


Once connected you will see an option to "Use another account"

Click this option and enter "administrator" without the quotes as the username.


The password is your Administrator/Root Password, which you selected when creating the Virtual Machine.

Once the Username "administrator" and the Administrator password have been entered click the "Ok" button to continue and log into your Virtual Machine.



If you receive a popup message warning about an Untrusted Connection you can safely ignore this, it is very common.

If you receive a Connection Error before you can enter the Username and Password that usually means one of two things:

1) Your Virtual Machine has not completed its installation.  Even if it shows as "Online" it may not be ready yet.  Typical setup times are 30 minutes to 1 hour.  If you have created your Virtual Machine within that time frame please wait a bit longer and try accessing it again.

2) Your virtual machine is offline or inaccessible.  Please contact our Support team via the LiveChat found in the bottom right corner of our website.