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How to Cancel Your Hourly Cloud

Hourly Clouds are post-billed services, meaning they are billed after the resources are used.
There are three steps to canceling an Hourly Cloud:

  • Remove all servers from the Cloud
  • Pay for the Cloud's current balance
  • Request the cancellation of the empty Cloud


1) Remove All Virtual Servers From Your Cloud

The first step is to remove all servers from your Cloud.  This will make it so that all future hours bill at $0.00. To destroy the server navigate to your cloud from the Client Area at https://manage.togglebox.com -> Blue Menu -> My Services -> Hourly Cloud Hosting -> Click on the Desired Cloud to open it. Once you have selected your cloud you will see its current Virtual Machine list. Click on each server you wish to destroy to open them, and then click the "Destroy" button to schedule its immediate deletion.


2) Pay Current Cloud Balance

From your cloud's "Billing" tab click the "Pay Cloud Balance" button, and follow the steps to renew your cloud and clear its balance.

3) Request the Cancellation

Once all servers have been destroyed and your cloud has a $0.00 balance you can request the cancellation by submitting a ticket to the billing team from your Client Area -> Blue Menu -> Support -> Open New Support Ticket"