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DRaaS for Windows RDP with Togglebox's failover DNS configuration

For Windows RDP users, Togglebox's disaster recovery service can help recover work that has been saved to disk, as well as bring it online in another datacenter, should your original system become unreachable or unusable.

With our configuration, there are two systems:

System #1: Dallas - Normally online, hourly disk snapshots are stored on-site and sent to our Philadelphia site.

System #2: Philadelphia - Normally offline, reserving resources similar to System #1 in an off-line state.

During setup, a DNS entry is added with a TTL of 1 minute to point to System #1, with System #2 as a failover. When System #1 becomes unreachable, this record is replaced with System #2's IP address.

Once Togglebox staff restores System #2 with a snapshot from the original system, it can be brought online for use at the secondary site.