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DRaaS for cPanel with Togglebox's failover DNS configuration

For cPanel users, Togglebox's disaster recovery service can help recover files or to bring a cPanel system online in another datacenter, should the original system become unreachable or unusable.

With our DRaaS configuration, there are two systems, a main cPanel system that is online, and an offline standby in another location with similar resources.

System #1: Dallas cPanel - Normally online, hourly snapshots are stored on-site and sent to our Philadelphia site.

System #2: Philadelphia cPanel - Normally offline, reserving resources that are similar to System #1.

During setup, a DNS entry is added with a TTL of 1 minute to point to System #1, with System #2 as a failover. When System #1 becomes unreachable, this record is replaced with System #2's IP address.

Once Togglebox staff restore to System #2, it can be reconfigured to continue serving sites while System #1 is down.

To reconfigure cPanel once DRaaS failover is completed, log into System #2's WHM panel, it should be present on the first IP address on port 2087. Ex:

1. Use your original username and password from the original system.

2. In WHM search for 'IP migration wizard'

3. Enter the IPs that are allocated to the DRaaS System #2

4. Click through the prompts to map, regenerate and restart the server's configuration.

Websites should become available under the DRaaS system's IPs (System #2)

Note: If you have databases, a regular dump to the local disk is recommended for consistency purposes.