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What level of support is provided?

Togglebox Cloud Support

Togglebox cloud servers are considered semi-managed. The first 15 minutes of a support issue are complimentary. Additional Support after the first 15 minutes may be considered billable at $15/15 minutes. Hint: Most supported issues will be covered by the complimentary 15-minute support window.

What is Supported?

  • Host Hardware
  • The Togglebox network
  • Stock provided OS templates
  • Website Migrations to Togglebox servers (Admin access to source server is required)
  • Issues within cPanel/WHM and DirectAdmin
  • Issues within the cloud backend (OnApp)
  • Basic server performance diagnostics
  • Virtual Server creation
  • DNS and rDNS Entries

What is NOT Supported?

  • Maintenance on Custom Setups
  • 3rd Party Software
  • Coding Issues (Errors, Performance, etc)
  • Networking issues outside of the Togglebox network
  • General Server Maintenance and Upkeep
Hint: While pro-active maintenance is not provided, we can often help with tasks if requested. Please feel free to contact our support teams if you need assistance and we will be happy to review your request.